Spectacular location

The hotel is situated in the best spot of the lagoon where you can practice kitesurfing with wind blowing from all directions. From the hotel you can overview the complete lagoon, the dragon island, speed spot and Dakhla Atittude with a full view up to the white dune.


PK25 consists of 32 bungalows, each with an amazing view of the lagoon. The 1st row has a direct beach access. Perfect for singles, couples, families or groups. Up to 4 people can sleep in high comfort.

PK25 sports center has exactly the same set-up as in Dakhla Attitude. With over 10 years of experience with the Dakhla Attitude sports center, we can assure that you will have the best service and teaching quality with us. Our kitesurfing philosophy is based on semi-private or private teaching method to help you securely reach your kitesurfing independence in no time.

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